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  • Leaving Cert. English (Ord.) 2006: Paper 2 The Single Text: How Many Miles to Babylon?
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  • This is the Single Text section of the paper. There are a number of options in the section but you only have to answer on one option.
  • This section is worth 60 marks.
  • Remember having the right answer is only part of putting your answer together. You must also write it out in clear and error-free English.
  • Q1. (a) You are required to describe Alec's life with his parents. Do you think it was a happy life? Why? What were Alec's feelings about his mother and father? Why?
  • Q1. (b) Remember the relationship between Alec and Jerry - were they good friends? What did they do together? What did they have in common?
  • Q2. This question requires your opinion. You must use the text to support your views. Why do you think Alec killed Jerry?