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  • Leaving Cert. English (Ord.) 2006: Paper 2 The Single Text: How Many Miles to Babylon?
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  • This section is worth 30 marks. You need to answer in more detail in this section.
  • You have three options in this section - you must answer on one of these options.
  • You will be marked under the following criteria: clarity of purpose, coherence of delivery, efficiency of language use and mechanics.
  • Q3. (i) This task requires you to write a diary entry. Make sure you include some characteristics of diary writing: an opening 'dear diary', a personal and/or confessional tone, staccato sentences, etc. You are taking the role of Alec's mother so think about her personality and her views on Alec enlisting in the army.
  • Q3. (ii) Think about the character of Alec. Does he love no living person? Remember Jerry has died at this stage. How does he feel about his mother and father? Is there anyone in his life? Remember to use quotation and reference to the novel to support your points.
  • Q3. (iii) You must frame your writing as a speech. You must use references from the novel to support your points.