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  • Leaving Cert. English (Ord.) 2006: Paper 2 The Single Text: How Many Miles to Babylon?
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B: How Many Miles to Babylon



Alec's mother's Diary


Dear Diary,

Alec finally did what I wanted him to do today . . . perhaps he is not so like Frederick after all. What I told him was necessary; they were getting too close and leaving me on my own. I would have had to reveal his real parentage at some stage.

Besides, they were becoming too close. He was becoming more like my husband every day. Oh, God how I abhor that man! I was always so much better than him - how did I ever agree to marry him?

Alec was a little petulant at breakfast this morning. The boy will have to toughen up to make it in the army. At least, he's finally consented to go. It was getting embarrassing - everyone else's children were volunteering.

He looked so beautiful in his uniform. Given his status in the army, it's unlikely he will see any real action. Hopefully, he will return a different man.

In the meantime, I will have to suffer only the company of my dreary husband.

I must go and give the cook her instructions,

Regards diary,